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A clean home is a happy home.



Carpet cleaning, Spot removal
Here at URBAN FLOORS, we care about your carpets, as our saying goes, we live in our home, a home is met to be lived in. Spills happen, dirty, sand comes in, Kids, wear and tear on your carpet and more. We do not steam clean your carpets,
We use hot water extraction on your carpets, the steam you see is from hot water. Also keep in mind that mills requirements for your carpet warranty that you clean your carpets once a year.
Therefore, we recommend without exception that you clean your carpets at least every 6 months to year.
Remember with use all GREEN products for cleaning your home, that’s safe for you and safe for us.
Depending on what Healthy Home cleaning you pick out, each one is designed to do the best cleaning for your home.
You can pick out your Healthy Home cleaning from economy, Classic, Premier, Pet and Dry cleaning choices. Each service has special cleaning design for better cleaning in your home.
Spot removal, these our the tuff ones,
Kool aid, Blood, Pet urine, Human urine, Vomit, coffee
Just to name a few, We have special cleaners to help take these tuff stains out. Don't forget carpet protection too.





Here at Urban floors, we understand that tile does not get really dirty, IT'S THE GROUT THAT DOES! Now cleaning tile & grout, we put down a pre-spray of cleaner on the floor, then we bring in a machine with brushes on it to agitate the cleaner to the tile and the grout, Then we use high pressure tile spinner with a vacuum to suck out all the cleaner and water together, leaving your tile and grout beautiful cleaned, Now keep in mind that there is chance some grout could come out, this is cause when it was not mixed right or didn’t bound well when it was installed and is not our fault, we can fix it,

but at a cost to you,

this is being up front and honest company.

Don't forget we can clean showers too, remove soup scum.

Now we only seal grout, not the tile, tile is not to be sealed, it will only peel off at some points, so do not let others trick you into a messy situation. We use a high-quality grout sealer not bought at the discount store, but at my supply stores. To insure you’re getting a high-quality tile sealer for your home.



Upholstery & Mattress cleaning

Furniture cleaning is one area we don’t realize, how dirty they get, we have oils on our body and these oils hold dirt, which will rub off on your furniture, plus spills happen, it’s part of living in our home, we can do hot water extraction on most anything you have, except some high end furniture, these need special cleaners, some times I may have to come back another time to use the right cleaner on your furniture.

We can clean sofas, loveseat, ottoman, sectional, dining room chairs, recliners, chairs, mattress,

anything you sit on in your home.




Area rugs & Oriental rugs cleaning

We can do a hot water extraction on most any of these rugs,

Your inexpensive area rugs can be cleaned at your home, important thing is you need a fan to help them dry cause it’s laying on the floor and needs air movement to dry. Most of these rugs our nylon or polyester rugs, like your house rugs.

Now these expensive oriental rugs are cleaned a lot unique way, we use a distinct way of cleaning in a control air environment, all the time; I will take the rug to my shop and do my special cleaning there, so there will be a pickup & delivery fee, on top of the cleaning price. I am sorry I will not say how we clean it, but I have been doing this for many years the same way with many happy customers.



LVP (LUXURY VINYL PLANK) & Laminate cleaning

Well, I’ve been in this business for many years, I’ve seen laminate start, now LVP has taken over the market, 90% of new houses have LVP in most or all of the houses, but it’s still a vinyl floor which can be hot water extraction cleaned, with these floors we take for granted that a broom sweeping and it’s done, but these floors need a deep cleaning, once in while too, Remember about the oils on our body and the oil rugs off and hold dirt like glue to your floor, that’s why you need a deep cleaning on these floors, we use high pressure and hot water to cleaning with pre-spray cleaner, so don’t think you don’t have not clean these floors,

Laminate floor cleaning

When cleaning this floor, water is the enemy, you cannot use a lot of water on this floor, so we use a special neutral cleaner on these floors, sometimes even a machine cleaning as well.

The worry is the joints in this flooring getting wet from most people using too much water and damaging the floor.

So I will look over the floor first with you and point out what I see where there is a problem or will be, plus letting you know we did not do it!




Hardwood floor cleaning

When cleaning a hardwood floor, caution is big word, each floor is vastly different in the way it’s made, some thicker than others, some glue down, some floating too.

Some I can use a machine to clean it, some just a cleaner and swifter, some I will tell you to sand and refinish it

our answer.

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